Selecting A Fence

Fencing serves as the most dominant visual element of your landscape. Here are some tips that you should follow when choosing a fence for your property.

Tips For Choosing A Fence

  • Take a look at fences in other yards. See which ones are appealing to you.
  • What is the purpose of the fence?
  • What type of fence would be beneficial if you have pets?
  • What type of fence would be safe for your small children?
  • Do you want increased privacy?
  • Are you looking for a maintenance free fence or is the look of the fence more important?
  • Do you have Home Owners Association rules that you must comply with?
  • Work out a budget for your fence. Which type of fence can you safely afford?
  • ALWAYS hire a professional.

Before Installation

Once you have made your fence selection and are ready to have it installed, you should consider completing the following steps:

  • Locate the exact place of the fence installation. Analyze the area closely to make sure that there are no potential problems such as trees and shrubs.
  • Tell your neighbors what you are doing so that the new fence won’t cause tension.
  • Locate utilities such as water, gas or sprinkler irrigation lines so that nothing gets damaged or hit during the installation process.
  • Check your subdivision covenants and your city or county ordinances. There could be a certain type of fencing that your subdivision may not allow and city ordinances often have regulations regarding the height of fences.
  • Check with the city to see if any building permits are needed.